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With a number of connection options, it remains simple to share the information that is available to you with the other participants. It also keeps log files in your Mac, which might not be the case with other privacy-oriented programs.
Simple set up for those who wish to access your favorite gaming web sites.
The app is relatively straightforward. Users will only be presented with a number of options such as connection type, login credentials, password generation, and connection time.

Those who wish to enjoy streaming online content, will find it easy to setup a streaming server through the simple interface.

For those who wish to secure their network, the app features a suite of system protections. All that users need to do is to choose the connection type, and give it a try.

It also offers a VPN connection, which will prevent users from being tracked on the web.


It offers users who wish to make use of a single account, to create several connections.

The connection can be used with a single Mac, and it will automatically create profiles for each user.

The application is easy to use and install.

It offers end-to-end encryption.

It offers a number of connection options, including P2P, torrenting and fast VPN connections.

It is also free.

However, due to its lack of advanced connection features, it might leave some users dissatisfied.


There are no advanced connection settings available. It will however be able to be used with a single Mac, and users will have the ability to create separate profiles for each connected Mac.

5. NordVPN Review – The Best VPN

No wonder why people are always looking for a great deal on a VPN service. With these all-new features that are incorporated on the new NordVPN, one can be assured of a premium service that is worth the cost. You can take advantage of advanced security features and an all new location based system which gives you complete control over your security levels.
NordVPN delivers you the best VPN features for an extremely affordable price. It has the most extensive list of servers to ensure that you always have the best and most reliable connection. It will allow you to use every one of them while guaranteeing you complete anonymity. You can now get a 30-day full refund if you are not totally satisfied with your subscription. You have nothing to worry about because NordVPN gives you a full 30 days to test the service.

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As much as we like to hear about VPN and P2P apps that are easy to use, more often than not, they are not.

For those that are interested in snooping on your online activity, especially when it comes to P2P traffic, then it is undoubtedly a good idea to steer clear of anything that is prone to easily being tagged as such.

The one and only thing about the LITTLEh4r application that we are thoroughly impressed by, and that we are pretty sure you will appreciate, too, is that it does not include any advertisements on its menu.

This is something a lot of people look for, when it comes to using the P2P software, but don’t, as they find it disturbing, for the reasons previously mentioned.
We like the fact that it is as free of viruses as it can be, and we especially like the fact that it is an application for Windows that is installed in just a few seconds, without requiring the support of additional files.
Unfortunately, although it promises to clear your history, there is no way to manage your files in there, and thus you might end up with a lot of unwanted files leftovers after using the LITTLEh4r application.
We don’t have a lot of experience with VPN apps, but have used a few, and still don’t understand why some people find it necessary to experience a basic virus infection, or install more than one identical virus file.
Although the LITTLEh4r application is a neat download, and it should not be ignored, as it might just be the thing that is required for those who are looking for an answer to all their P2P problems, it does not come in handy once you remove it, since its only alternative is that of having to use a paid-for VPN application.

Having the benefit of an extra OpenVPN service would not be very compelling, as it would merely add to the app’s price tag, but it is at least possible that it is available for those who don’t wish to pay.

LITTLEh4r is available to download from:

Our verdict:

We were never big fans of P2P applications, but at the same time we acknowledge the fact that without the option to snoop on your peers, it becomes an all-together different

VPN Client Crack +

Data Leak Protection

We’ve seen a fair share of VPN apps get their start, only to eventually flop and vanish without a trace. VPN Client looks like another one in that category, in that sense, we will be focusing on the positives and the value it brings to the table, rather than dwell on its flaws.
It should be noted that many VPN apps will only require that the user make an initial payment of around $3-$5, to cover its operating costs, and other such things associated with ensuring that the service is actually functional and decent.
On that note, in terms of price, the app can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store for $7.99, or from the Google Play Store for $9.99. The app is available for macOS as well, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other iOS powered devices. It is also available for Windows users, and they will need to download the app from its respective market place.
VPN Client allows users to connect to a VPN server, ensuring that their surfing will be protected from hacking, malware, and other such unauthorized access of their information. The app’s handling allows for users to connect to a server, even when their system isn’t initially connected to the network, and it does so efficiently and effectively, all through the use of the intuitive interface.
The app is streamlined, with minimal functions and interface. There isn’t any deep VPN-related settings to deal with, like how much bandwidth to reserve or how frequently updates are to be made. All things considered, this could give users a bit of a simplistic approach, but it’s still a welcome change.
Connection Time

The app features a connection timeout feature, which will allow users to specify the duration that the app will wait for a connection to be established. However, this can be adjusted for different users, as the refresh time can be set to 120 minutes, one hour, or two hours.
Managing the connection
On the whole, VPN Client’s connection handling features aren’t too complicated. The app will indicate when it begins the process of establishing a connection, and will let users know when a connection is currently in use.
Users can refresh the connection, and the app will provide a visual preview of the available servers, as well as their speed. The connection will remain

What’s New in the?

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Surfing the web these days is sure set to arise some issues, be it that you’re encountering malware in its various forms, advertising, or, privacy-related issues. When it comes to the latter, ensuring that those curious eyes steer away from your sensitive data, can be a tricky task. Nevertheless, with apps such as VPN Client, one will be able to achieve just that, thanks to its privacy protection tools and straightforward connection handling.
Deploy the app and connect to a secure server in just a few clicks. Or not?
The app doesn’t feature any particularly complex configuration steps, and it will be readily available in just a few seconds from the time when users first initiate it. However, during our testing, we experienced a severe lag for the connection, eventually having to restart it, to no avail.
The fact that the connection will only be available after a few minutes’ time, could either be a design flaw, or an isolated case, which happened during our testing. What is certain though, is after the connection was established, it remained constant until we chose to end it.
Choose a connection refresh time, and preview the strength of the available servers
There is little to be customized in terms of the actual VPN features, and this is both good and bad. Good, because novices and those users who aren’t keen on spending time configuring apps will enjoy it.
Bad, because there aren’t too many options available for tweaking the connection parameters. Indeed, one will be able to adjust the refresh time and preview the strength of the servers, but that’s about it, and this might just not cut it for more demanding users.
Decent VPN app, with accessible handling, but lacking more advanced connection tweaking features
With minimalist handling, basic features, and potentially lacking that extra edge in terms of functionality, VPN Client still manages to perform adequately and offer those who seek Internet privacy protection a good deal.

Surfing the web these days is sure set to arise some issues, be it that you’re encountering malware in its various forms, advertising, or, privacy-related issues. When it comes to the latter, ensuring that those curious eyes steer away from your sensitive data, can be a tricky task. Nevertheless, with apps such as VPN Client, one will be able to achieve just that, thanks to its privacy protection tools and straightforward connection handling.

Deploy the app and connect to

System Requirements For VPN Client:

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800 or ATI X1600 or newer
DirectX: Version 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk: 50 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The recommended solution for playing the game with the Widescreen display on native resolution is the Gamepads Configuration Tool (