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Scraping a website that sets cookies and sends javascript

Sorry, I am not advanced enough in scraping to be able to easily solve this.
I try to scrape

they have a structured way to make a purchase, see
you are asked to choose currency and all the other fields, then you can choose between a fixed rate and a “spread”, but in that case “spread” is on the line after the’return’ and it should be “fixed”
the name of the country that you want to bet on has to match the country from where you are

My problem is that I can’t tell how to use the “spread” or “fixed” fields to get a fixed return, because of the cookie. A normal browser gives me a usual Webpage error (page not found), but it should be safe to ignore that.
I tried to set the cookies. None of them works, if you set ‘Strict Transport Security’ (the same happens with ‘do not track’) also, I am unable to trigger the “cookie” by entering anything on the site.
Another problem I have is that the fields are dynamic. The name of the country I want to bet on changes dynamically on the site. If I get the name correctly (see above) it shouldn’t be a problem to write down the name, because I should be able to write down:
\$transfer = 200.00
\$country = “COUNTRY”

However, the actual name I get looks like this (just the strings):
country = “us-1957000-1091”

Still not all seems to work:
$country = “us-1957000-1091”

$response = @fetch “”


Expected value = , but got “US” (String)

Any suggestions or libraries that would help?


I managed to scrape the website using OWASP Z