Syrian Arab Airlines

Syrian Arab Airlines

Syrian Air

Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair) is an airline

from Syria and it is the national carrier of the country, 

founded in 1946 as Syrian Airlines.

The airline flies in 30 destinations to Asia, the Middle

East, Europe and  North Africa. Syrian Arab Airlines

currently has ATR-72  in its fleet and Airbus

A320-200  out of a total of 8 aircraft.

On 9 January 2020, Syrian President issued a legislative decree to change the name from Syrian Arab Airlines to Syrian Airlines

By 2012, Syrian Air had retired all its old Boeing 747, 727 and Tupolev aircraft, leaving SyrianAir with just 8 aircraft in its fleet.

With a workforce exceeding 4,000 employees, SyrianAir, which revenues nevertheless exceeded 171 million dollars in 2003, remains over-staffed. In 2004, and despite a difficult regional situation and U.S. sanctions, the airline improved its performance, carrying 1.07 million passengers.[4] Syrian air carried close to 1.4 million passengers by 2005.

The airline is operatiing domestic flights as well as

intenational destinations such as Russia, Qatar,

United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt,

Kuwait and Sudan.

The company is operating also Cargo flights

to the above mentioned Countries.

The Head office of the company is in Damascus.

Fleet Size :  8

Destinations : 30

Iata Code : RB

Icao Code : SYR

Prefix : 070

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