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With over 18,000 international players and 323 clubs to select from, have you got what it takes to steer your club to glory?
Use your players to match engine to take on the opposition, customise your tactics and enable your players to thrive.
Progress through the age groups, from the colts to the senior first team.
Then, with an on-going in-depth transfer market, expand your squad and build an exciting, competitive squad for the new season.
Rugby is a sport that requires a lot of strategy, planning and organization.
So, with all this in place and with your ultimate goal to secure sporting success for your club, you’re ready to start managing.Take on the challenge of managing to greatness!

Before you can start, you’ll need to create your own club!
Choose a name, stadium, city, kit colours, badge and logo.
Look to update your kit to look great while remaining competitive.
Then get to work with the game’s new and improved user interface, which will allow you to have the best manage your team.
For the first time ever, players’ progress can be tracked and followed.
In the club’s ‘career’, players will level up as they play matches, and pick up bonuses based on how well they perform.
As well as this, the game will also provide you with expert advice, and useful tips to help you make best use of your funds.
Transfers and wages can be overseen, and you can even customise the game to match your own club’s playing style.
Transfer values are also based on each player’s position, so if you already own certain players, you’ll be able to see who’s performing well and who’s not.
When the time comes, your young and talented colts can be promoted to the first team, and be allowed to play for the first team.
Then further earn through the path, and ultimately earn a spot in the best side in the country.

Key Features

Build your club, manage your team, take on the opposition

Match Engine

Select your playing style, tactics, stadium, kit colours and a range of more to match engine is designed to have you on your way to the top!

New Player Profiles

Selection process is a lot more scientific and rewarding for you in this innovative and engaging take


Features Key:

  • Every map has at least one easter egg
  • Use a specific key to launch the easter egg
  • Easy to play:

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? the HTML code gives a blank page without any text. I don’t have any experience in web stuff, I just found out that i can change things on this kind of page through javascript/jquery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    I would do the following:

    Fix the indentation of the files; to be able to use a proper editor:

    Don’t copy paste them, just use a proper editor like notepad++. This allows the server to understand that the content between (which is tokenized via this \t);
    Separated the HTML from the JavaScript with a proper separator, an extra

    I used

     in order to better see where in the file the error is.

    For debugging add some console.log() in many of the codes. Don't forget to turn them on via console.
    It's always better to include details about the problem, like what is your clue, where are you getting data etc.

    Knowledge is like a Stone

    The foundation of every Knowledge Management system is a qualified knowledge base. This is our unique Ability to deliver an interactive knowledge base, which can tackle the challenges of information access, search and retrieval on any type of system. It does not matter which platform or version of the operating system you are using.

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    Monitoring and Reporting


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    Key features:* Real world values for commodities.* Simulation economy.* Automated manufacturing.* Clean simulation-environment.* Light-touched game-play.* 1 million players* Server and Client Side Communication* Moderator system for communities * Multiplayer Economy* Server Browser* Idle timeout to prevent flood of requests.* Developers tools* Monitor for adult content* Free Addons for mods* Interactive Counter-Strike Mod* Storing progress* Map Creator* Auto-updates, auto-patches.

    Players may start a company, Clan, society or any other social group and play in it as they would in the real world. They can set the name, description, and the location of the group. Players can set the base level of wealth of the company or clan. Members can also decide if the company or clan can trade with others, or if they must limit themselves to an exclusive area.As a company or clan progresses, so do the players within it. Like many games, a company or clan must choose between two paths - a tech-path and an economic-path. Companies can also choose their skills as an employee. A company or clan can specialize in either heavy industry, research, or hunting/fishing.Each member of the group has their own wealth. Companies or Clans may develop new inventions, foundries, mines, and farms. A company may specialize in any of these, but it will be harder to build if they choose too many. A Clan has to choose a special path like Hunting, Industry or Research.Every member has a certain amount of wealth. The player's wealth is based on his age. A player becomes 1 year older each year that he plays.The assets of the company may increase, decrease, or remain the same.The rate of increase or decrease of company assets depends on the company's specialization.After a player joins a company, he or she will join a Clan if they are not already a part of one.Clans may participate in a unique system called the Warzone. The Warzone is a "super-economy". A Clan can research and equip their Soldiers with new skills, in addition to the normal economic process of buying and selling.War zones can be created and deployed by the Clan Head or a Mod. Each Warzone is run for a week, which varies in length depending on the popularity and number of players in the region.Players who have started a company or clan may be invited to join a village and team up. Players in a village are assigned to a


    What's new in Submerged:

      Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror - The Little Devil

      Drawing from the rich folklore of Indonesia,
      here is a collection of several episodes involving The Little Devil.
      Like the Asian demon, The Little Devil is known to sneak into people's homes and take away their belongings. The different demons that falls under the name of The Little Devil is unique. A few distinct parts of The Little Devil can be distinguished in each episode like The Red Hair, the penis and crowning. In this episode, take a walk through history as we see the origin of The Little Devil.

      In 1906, a powerful seiyu appeared in the exotic island of Makassar. Dressed in the costume of a lord, Doni Bajawa, a seiyu of folklore, was considered to be the greatest of all time. While Doni Bajawa charmed and seduced the ladies, he also had the loyalty of a husband.

      Seiyu Doni Bajawa (played by Leo Maristela)

      Seiyu Doni Bajawa ('Red Face') (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

      Seiyu Doni Bajawa - The Legendary Form of Doni Bajawa

      In Indonesia, every household has a calendar, which serves as the family bible. We can imagine how thrilled the mothers were when their daughters were expecting a girl and how thrilled the parents were when their sons were expecting a son. The maternal fever was so high, that everyone started having the same dream.

      People were terrified of the dreams that they had and wanted someone to warn them from the danger that they were about to face. Since everyone interpreted their dream differently, the dreams evolved to an extreme. One adult was walking around in a dream world where many emotions were expressed in the expression of his facial features. His eyebrows were raised; his eyes were wide open and his mouth was open in an agreeable smile. The dreamer, who was frightened by all the sights and sounds that existed in the world, walked from one end of the house to the other fearfully. This dreamer seemed to be in a world without anyone to help him. He couldn't even realize that he was in a dream since he was living in the world as if he was not in a dream. This was the kind of dream that received a name - The Little Devil.

      It is true that no one could create a dream like this. This dream was inspired, not by the thoughts of


      Free Submerged [Win/Mac] (2022)

      Search for hidden treasure in the tropics and challenge the elements of the Caribbean Sea on your sailboat.

      Choose from the or the sailboats that you want to use, and then plan your route and rescue other boats.

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      **Supporting Information**

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      Supplementary material.

      Supplementary material.

      Supplementary material.

      Supplementary material.



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