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:And so it was that the next day saw the Paris fleet (commanded by Admiral Muiron). The affair was to end in the safe delivery of the letter, despite any squally. Apparently these three men were pilots as well as.HARTFORD — R. Elwyn Griffith, the former longtime president of the Connecticut Society for Historians of Colonial Connecticut, died Monday at 91 years old, leaving a legacy of membership and other activities that spanned decades. He died of natural causes at the North Shore Nursing Home, family members said. He was a graduate of Williams College and the University of Pennsylvania, and had strong ties to the University of Connecticut, Yale University and the University of Texas. His most recent employment was as director of the Stevens Avery Library. He was a life member of the American Historical Association and the American Antiquarian Society, and served as secretary and then president of the Connecticut Society for Historians of Colonial Connecticut from 1982 to 2003, family members said. He was named the organization’s Man of the Year in 2002. “His devotion to the society has been exemplary,” said Frank Terracino, current president of the society. “He brought a lot of new ideas to the table and helped many of us,” Terracino said, including work to improve the society’s Web site. “He’s one of those people who if he walks into a room, you instantly know who he is,” Terracino said. Griffith recalled the history he had researched in his role as an editor of colonial Connecticut documents. “A large percentage of my career has been spent on making certain historical documents available to both historians and the public,” Griffith said in 1997. He also was proud of his membership in the state Division for Vital Records and Vital Statistics, and was married to the former Rita Burns. They had three children. R. Elwyn Griffith photo provided by the Griffith family ADVERTISEMENT “That was a major part of his life,” his daughter, Jennifer Griffith, said. The family said his sense of humor and generosity to his children will be missed. Griffith’s tenure as president of the society seemed to reflect his own approach to his work, said Terracino, the current president. “He was really a big part of the society and was very accessible to members. He attended all of the meetings, even if he didn’t have speaking privileges,” Terrac


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