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Sista Minuten | Fez

Sista Minuten | Fez


Fez is a unique and iconic headwear that has been worn in various parts of the world for centuries.

The fez, also known as a tarboosh, is a brimless hat made of felt, usually red in color, and

features a flat top with a tassel hanging from the center. It originated in the city of

Fez, Morocco, in the early 19th century, but it quickly gained popularity across the

Ottoman Empire and other Muslim countries.

The fez was originally worn by men in the Ottoman Empire as a symbol of their

social status and religious affiliation. It was also used by members of secret

societies and fraternal organizations as a symbol of their membership. In Morocco,

the fez was a part of traditional dress for both men and women and was worn on special

occasions like weddings and religious festivals.

Today, the fez is still worn in some parts of the world, although its popularity has declined

over the years. In Turkey, the fez is no longer worn, but it remains a symbol of the country’s

Ottoman past. In Morocco, the fez is still a part of traditional dress, but it has been largely

replaced by Western-style clothing. In some African countries, the fez is worn as a symbol

of Islamic identity.

Despite its declining popularity, the fez remains an iconic piece of headwear that is

instantly recognizable around the world. It has been featured in popular culture, including in

the famous Indiana Jones movies, where the protagonist wears a fez as part of his adventurer outfit.

The fez has also been referenced in music and literature, further cementing its place in popular culture.

In conclusion, the fez is a unique and iconic headwear that has a rich history and cultural significance.