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Medieval fantasy action role-playing for the 21st century. This game is based on an original setting with a greatly expanded world that’s known as the Lands Between.
Explore a vast world full of exciting possibilities.
This is an action role-playing game. You can play as a warrior, mage, or thief, and you are free to customize your character according to your own play style.
Expand your character’s power by simultaneously equipping weapons, armor, and magic in your battle, and use diverse skill trees to truly customize your unique play style.
Start your adventure in an open world filled with a wide variety of quests and NPCs. A vast world awaits discovery!
Online gameplay where you can connect to others and travel together. This game supports multiplayer too!
Start your adventure in a colorful world with a rich backstory.

What is Tarnished Rebellion?
• A game in which your decisions change the game flow.
• A game which requires you to think on your feet.
• A game which requires you to carefully weigh your decisions.
• A game which makes you recognize the power of your own strategy.
All actions of one of the characters are non-linear.
Therefore, depending on the previous actions of the characters, you may be able to create different outcomes.
Let’s Tarnish Together.

ACTIVITY : Minimum: Offline. Maximum: Online.
1. Online mode:
– How many people are in your party?
– How many players are there in your party?
– Use menus and icons in the Main menu.
– Talk to the NPC.
– Use the game.
– Play an offline game.
– Join a server.
– Participate in an offline game.
– Chat with other players.
– Talk to the NPC.
2. Offline mode:
– Talk to the NPC.
– Use menus and icons in the Main menu.
– Use the game.
– Participate in an offline game.
– Chat with other players.
– Play an offline game.
– Join a server.
– Play an offline game.
3. Added on June 26:
– Released in Japan on June 27.
– New story quests that are connected to the previous story quests.
– New task quests that can be done by just one character.
– New gameplay in the town that you can see when you travel to a specific place.
– Full automatic


Features Key:

  • Unrivaled Fantasy action!
    The world of LORD OF THE RINGS unfolds from the perch of honor. The quest begins with a wrongdoer and must be completed with blood and determination. Fantasy action at its best!
  • Lead Solo & Co-op Missions
    You can either use solo or turn to your friend for assistance
  • Realism & Durability
    An entire world in which events proceed seamlessly, and the feeling of touch is much more vivid than in previous games.
  • Endless possibilities
    You will never run out of variety in gameplay due to an abundance of systems and minigames.
  • Elden Ring System Features:

    • Hard to Come By, Hard to Master
      In an era where classes are a thing of the past, classes are merely a means of dividing up the gems and have no relation to skill. You must master the system!
    • Earth is Pure!
      You control the aforementioned gems by the system itself. An intense battle of expertise, strength, and knowledge!
    • Share, Share!
      You can compete online by posting screenshots or video to an online album. You can show off your mastery and craft a unique online persona!
    • The Gauntlet heats up!
      Complete missions, quests, and mini-games to earn Beacons.
    • Improve the system in Olli’s Battle!
      In Olli’s Battle, you can improve your characters by equipping items, skill enhancing parts, and other items.

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      Elden Ring: Rise, Tarnished, with the power of the Elden Ring, and be guided by grace, become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

      What a wonderful world! ㅋㅋㅋ

      I suddenly found myself rushing to start playing when I read this.

      How nice would it be if I could be a fairy in between worlds? ㅋㅋ

      Every time I saw a whole group of fairies gather outside, I just wanted to go along

      The whole fairies’ setting would be just perfect for an elegant yachting battle or a musical festival.

      Anyways, I’ll be sure to add this to my regular play list.

      [Elden Ring: Rise, Tarnished]

      It’s so rare to be able to play an action RPG with multiple endings, with unlimited potential in fighting style and weapons. It’s also rare for a game to have a protagonist that can represent a person.

      I’ll be sure to pick it up.

      A quick tip to everyone who’s missing that radiant excitement, please go play this game!



      Elden Ring Download X64

      * Story
      The story revolves around the characters who have been reborn in the Lands Between. The story is told in a way that makes it look like the characters are alive.

      As the warring in the Lands Between reaches its climax, Yorick, a pro-player of the Ring of Destiny, is called to become a Game Master. He finds himself in a strange world where he has to make choices that are difficult to avoid. At that time, he is also drawn into the conflict against a certain guild master. Even though Yorick is drawn in to the story, it is never revealed what his past entailed.

      Along with the events of this story, a drama begins in a 3D CG world.

      Within the dramatic art of a world created with sophisticated graphics, tales and written scenes are interwoven. As the swordsman decided the story of the character, Yorick, for the fantasy of the worlds between and created the dark atmosphere of despair, Yorick is in a distant future.

      * Characters
      The characters you interact with are an upgraded version of character model from previous titles. The character models are made to allow players to express their feelings to the characters.

      In the game, you can combine different elements to make your own class. You can freely change the classes according to your play style, to create a character suitable to your play style. Each class has unique features, such as different techniques, recovery methods, and agility. You can also differentiate each other by switching them with any command.

      * Combat
      The combat system of Rise, Tarnished is greatly improved.

      The action scene is extremely fluid, and the damage will be reflected in the speed of the character. This system works in 3 different ways. Depending on the situation, both characters will switch between these three ways. These three ways of attack are called as follows.

      • Linear Attack
      The character becomes unable to attack for a certain period of time. The damage is dealt in a specific way according to how it affects the character. Therefore, it can be said that the damage will be reflected in the flow of the battle.

      • Variable Attack
      In a certain situation, the character can attack and attack again at the same time.

      • Customized Combo
      In order to deal a high amount of damage, the player should use an attack that combines the action of both characters.

      * Information on the Characters
      The information on characters in the game is obtained through


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      WEBSITE: >

      Art work:   



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      3.Extract the downloaded file(smd_crack.rar) to your desktop

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    System Requirements:

    1.6GB RAM or higher (2GB RAM Recommended)
    Windows XP (32bit), Windows Vista (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit), Windows 8 (32bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit) or higher
    2.8GB HDD (2GB HDD Recommended)
    2.0 GHz or faster CPU
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 128MB+ VRAM
    DirectX compatible sound card
    Controller (XBOX 360 or PS3 Remote) Recommended 1.6GB RAM or higher (2


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