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26.04.2017 · The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government, specifically created and charged with administering the electricity regulatory scheme of the United States.

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When I try to run the project on the emulator, it says:
What can I do to fix this, or is there a way to build this project to run on a real device instead?


I think you forgot to add a reference to your project.
It should work if you do “Right-Click” > “Add -> Reference” > “Android API 18”.
You can select “Android” from the “Project” menu.


Virtualization and virtual machines

I am currently in a university where I have access to a computer lab that has a bunch of VMs that we can use. Although our university offers a certain amount of virtual machines for our students, there is no way to assign “private” machines for specific students and I am thinking of trying to create my own virtual machine environment on our computers.
Now, I know this might sound stupid, but I am quite the fan of Docker and am asking myself a few questions.

For private use, is it really possible to have a docker environment on a physical machine?
For private use, is it really possible to have a VirtualBox environment on a physical machine?
For private use, is it really possible to have a VM environment on a physical machine?

I know you will probably say “yes” to all of them because they are virtual. But I am questioning it because I am afraid we might run into licensing issues in the future.


Currently you can get access to a VirtualBox Virtual Machine server for public use, no login required (VBoxCloud); you can run your own hypervisor on a physical box if you want.
Everything you will need to set up your own VPS host is available. In particular, I suggest you use open-vm-tools for installation. Once you have your OS installed, you will be able to create your own instance with the disk images.

#import “MAMailboxItems.h”
#import “MMDB.h”

@implementation MAMailboxItems

//MARK: public methods

+ (NSMutableArray *)mailboxItemsForSelection:(NSArray *)selection
MAMailboxItems *items = [[MAMailboxItems alloc] init];