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News headlines and stories from around the world · Sajjad Haider – News Articles · Gaitz TV Asahi Network – Nov.
Ascend. (in press). (2016). Cognitive processes underlying interactions with Nature. (2016).
Kholash-i-Nur u-ru-Yaqeen (Urdu book, 203 Pages). (2014). (K.Khulash-i-Nur u-ru-Yaqeen. (2014) BPS Literary Karachi.
The Islamic Faith.
After years of retail distress, Russian consumers are finally making changes in their shopping habits, and today the trend is over to comfort.

According to a survey conducted by the Russian Association of Specialists in Retail and Wholesale Trade, 67 percent of Russians surveyed say they are more inclined to buy comfort goods this year.

Six years ago, only 36 percent of the surveyed consumers said they were likely to choose comfort over style.

That makes sense. While there were once plenty of consumers shopping in malls and wearing suits and dresses, the whole country is in a retail slump.

The downturn began a year ago, with fears of a Russian currency crisis prompting Western sanctions, which led to slowing tourism and foreign investment, which led to a drop in consumer spending.

Since then, Russian consumers have struggled to adapt to a deepening economic gloom. Many became afraid to spend.

“There is a psychological effect because of the economic situation. People felt like they couldn’t save anything,” said Olga Bubina, a retail analyst at IntelliMark, a Moscow-based research group. “And they just don’t trust retail chains, either.”

With no growth in salaries, Russian consumers have become disenchanted. They’ve seen their savings evaporate, their currency drop and their dreams wither.

“Most people feel bad about themselves,” said Tatiana Gabarina, director of the V.I. Kivina Institute of Sociology and Demographic Research. “We are living in a situation where people are worried about their livelihood.”

As a result, consumer confidence has hit all-time lows. A survey last month by

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no classdef key word found in C++

i want to create a user profile but i got this problem
i am new in C++ and i try to read this tutorial

and i had this error which i don’t understand
In function ‘void BeginInit(CStartupParameters*)’:
[Downloads c++ tutorial c++](./Program.cpp|34): error: no matching function for call to ‘InitClasses()’

this is my code

using namespace std;

// macro for global
#define GLOBAL_SYMBOL(sym) \
extern CGlobalSymbol sym;

class CGlobalSymbol {
CGlobalSymbol() { m_szName = “Unnamed”; m_nPos = 0; m_nHex = 0; }
CGlobalSymbol(const char* pszName, int nPos) {
m_szName = pszName; m_nPos = nPos; m_nHex = 0;
CGlobalSymbol(const CGlobalSymbol& gs) {
m_szName = gs.m_szName; m_nPos = gs.m_nPos; m_nHex = gs.m_nHex;
CGlobalSymbol(const char* szName, int nPos, int nHex) {
m_szName = szName; m_nPos