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Make any keystroke of your choice (or specific key combinations) when a program is in focus.
KEYMACRO supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
How to use Keymacro:
Start Keymacro for Windows, then…
Open a text document
Find a key you want to make special, then select it
Keymacro will launch with that keystroke
Step 2:
Now you’re ready to start typing or typing special shortcuts!
Look for the Focus button
Press the letter on the button you want to Focus on and start typing!
Step 3:
Keymacro stores all special keys you type. You can access them by pressing the keymacro home button
Step 4:
Select the special Key you want to assign (usually the first letter of a program)
Use the left and right buttons to navigate through your special Keys
Press the Key you want to choose
Step 5:
You can now assign any shortcut to any Key
If you want to remove the shortcut Key you selected (you can always make a new shortcut), press the home button
Alternatively, if you want to assign your Key shortcut Key. press the home button
Step 6:
You’re finished!
Supported Programs:
Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook)
Outlook Express
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer (Internet Zone)
Adobe Photoshop
Battle for Wesnoth
Mozilla Firefox
Screenshot of Keymacro running in Firefox:

Here is the output of running the procmon.exe application with the file extension (.zip). The.zip file contains the header information of a simple zip archive which contains the same executable.
The.exe file has a non-guaranteed integrity as it could be altered. The.zip file on the other hand is guaranteed to be complete and valid as it is digitally signed.
The extraction of the zip file with unpacks the contents into the same directory as the.exe file itself. I recommend to run this process on a system where you are able to make any changes to the system as the extraction can be destructive. If you are performing this on a system where you are unable to make any changes this process will result in corrupt data.
I have tried to preserve the integrity of the data as best as possible so that this process can be reproduced. However 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a free Macro recorder for Windows. It allows you to record the keystrokes you type, such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc. It is really easy to use. Simply open KEYMACRO and go to the command line where you are typing, click the mouse button and then start typing.
Macro Name: Now Screen Name:
Top toolbar buttons:
KEY MACRO is the only tool on the market which can record the password typed to an encrypted text file.
NOTICE: Only work in Windows XP.
KEYMACRO is the only tool on the market which can record the password typed to an encrypted text file.
NOTICE: Only work in Windows XP.
Download (418K)


Create your custom video wallpaper with your favorite videos or photos from your hard drive. Wallpaper Maker creates simple and elegant wallpapers for your desktop. Simply select an image or a video from your hard drive. Wallpaper Maker then creates a custom graphic pattern that can be your desktop wallpaper, screensaver, and Windows desktop theme. You can even customize the size of the pattern. Download, install, and have fun!
Features include:
* An easy to use interface
* Easy to follow instructions
* Create both patterns and screensavers
* Customize the appearance of patterns
* Adjust the size of the pattern
* Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7 compatible
* High quality wallpapers
* Zooming in and out of the wallpaper images
* Automatically updates your wallpaper with new files from your computer
* Supports landscape and portrait modes
* Supports all standard Windows wallpaper formats
* No installation required
* Works in all versions of Windows
* Comes with a built in viewer to view the Wallpaper images
* Wallpaper Maker is the only tool on the market which can create a screen saver as well.
Wallpaper Maker does not require internet connectivity.
Download (95K)