Key Macro feature helps you to add Hot-keys to Windows explorer items without having to install external utility.Key Macros are useful when you have to change many files at the same time, such as files from many directories and folders.

FastComet 3.5 Description:
FastComet is an advanced version of a file sharing client that supports P2P network sharing and direct connection to the Internet. It supports the most popular file sharing protocols of today, such as BitTorrent, Gnutella, and Direct Connect.
This is not a regular file sharing client, because it also includes a powerful Windows Explorer integration allowing users to assign simple keyboard shortcuts to Windows Explorer items. For instance, if you frequently move the cursor to the left or right edge of the screen to maximize the available display area, you can assign a hotkey to do that directly from the context menu. FastComet provides a strong set of features, such as quick search, disk editing and bookmarking.

Acmetan 0.0 Description:
Acmetan 0.0 was designed to take advantage of it’s many features, both hardware and software and provide a “plug and play” environment. There is a catalog of 1235 drivers available.
A large feature set with on demand updates, Acmetan has been designed to give you the most professional and user friendly environment. A wide range of technologies are on board, such as industry standard.NET 2.0, H.264 compression, MPEG4.

iCHunter Description:
iCHunter is an advanced, easy to use screen capture software solution. It allows you to easily capture the screen or active window from anywhere on your system and to record audio from the microphone. The software comes with an easy to use and intuitive user interface that makes it simple to get started. A key feature of iCHunter is the instant playback of the recorded screen or sound files. You can directly play back the captured file in an on-screen player or save it to disk.
iCHunter is useful for a variety of purposes. You can record in real-time the screen activity and save it for later, make a screencast of your desktop and take screen shots and video snapshots from anywhere on your system. The saved captures can be annotated, you can share them with others, you can archive them to disk or publish them on the web. The software is multi-threaded and multi- 384a16bd22

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* Supports the Telnet protocol and sockets (TCP, UDP and UNIX)
* Allows for the use of three key macro subtypes: clear-text, encrypted-passwords, and keep-alive
* The capability to create or load scripts with your own subroutines
* The possibility to load and execute scripts in your applications
* The import of the SubKey macros
* The capability to load the subkey macros from a file
* The capability to close all connections, including connections that have not yet been established
* The ability to perform inter-application communication using the.NET System.IO.TextReader and System.IO.StreamWriter
* The ability to display help messages using the Help and About windows
* The capability to launch a browser with the SendKeys.InternetExplorer class
* The capability to open multiple connections
* The capability to scroll the Telnet Window
* The capability to open multiple windows (console and Telnet)
* The capability to save the configuration files
* The capability to connect to local and remote servers
* The capability to connect to Microsoft Terminal Services servers
* The capability to open or close Telnet sessions
* The capability to send messages to Telnet sessions
* The capability to work with more than three connections simultaneously
* The capability to write and read session configuration files
* The capability to create or load a script in multiple ways (using visual or text editors)
* The capability to pause between each line, instead of needing to type a new one
* The capability to perform telnet sessions through connections that have not yet been established
* The capability to work with a wide range of protocol options (SOCKS, SSL, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTPS, etc.)
* The capability to manage multiple connections from one instance of TelnetShell
* The capability to save configuration settings
* The capability to send key macros and replies to different applications
* The capability to control multiple processes and threads
* The capability to use the Session class to work with telnet sessions, including the ability to set the session options (using a TelnetServerSession instance)
* The capability to manage files
* The capability to import macros and scripts from text files
* The capability to work with variables, such as the ability to create string variables, integer variables, and bitwise variables
* The capability to work with the menu, keyboard and mouse windows (using the ToolStrip and ToolTip classes