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A MAC algorithm for secure, key-based message authentication.
This is a MAC that uses a key, unlike HMAC, MD5, etc. The
key used in MAC is usually a private key of a symmetric algorithm.
It is used for SSH data integrity and is sometimes referred to as
a data integrity protection algorithm.
One of the typical fields in a key exchange protocol is the
MAC algorithm used for data integrity. The more obscure
the MAC algorithm, the better it is, because this makes
it harder to analyze the protocol and to attack it.
The data integrity protection algorithms are usually hard to
implement correctly because they are not used in normal
network communications and normal protocols. They are used
instead for stronger security and to make it harder to modify
or abuse protocols.
The JSR 315 ‘Digest Authentication’ contains a number
of authentication algorithms for digital signature and
Key-based authentication
The following are four MAC algorithms that JSR 315 ‘Digest
Authentication’ has:

HMAC is a cryptographic function for message authentication
with the keyed hash algorithm HmacSHA1. It allows
parsing of the input data by an algorithm.
HMAC can use the keyed hash algorithm HmacSHA1,
HmacMD5 or HmacSHA1 with HmacSHA1.
The output is a 256-bit data that is a 128-bit
message authentication code of the input data,
it is the message authentication code.

SHA1 is a cryptographic hash function used for message
authentication in HmacSHA1, HmacSHA1WithDkA and
HmacSHA1WithDk or HMAC with HmacSHA1, HmacSHA1
With DkA and HmacSHA1WithDk. The input to the
function is a variable-length message, while the
output is a fixed-length string of 160 bits.

HMAC-SHA1 is a cryptographic hash function used for message
authentication in HmacSHA1 and HMAC-SHA1WithDk.
The input to the function is a variable-length message,
while the output is a fixed-length string of 160 bits.

SHA256 is a 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recorder/editor for Microsoft Windows. It lets you record macros and macros for them. You can set up all kinds of complex macros and make them work with any Windows applications. The program provides a powerful text-editing environment. You can perform word, character, paragraph, text object, and other editing tasks using special Windows commands.
In addition to the macro features, KEYMACRO includes a built-in editor for the recording of text and HTML code.
Keywords Editor.
Macro Editor.
Record macros and macros for them.
Macro editor.
Simple macro recorder.
Export and import macros.
Record macros for the selection of mouse buttons.
Tab editing.
Simple text editing.
Edit MS Office text files.
Tabbed editing.
Edit the content of selected text or text objects.
Inserts a tab character before or after the text object.
Tabbed editing.
Export and import macros.
Undo and Redo operations.
Save and restore all macros.
Supports editing of hotkeys.
Text-based or HTML-based syntax editor.
Export macros to an HTML document.
Record macros using keywords.
Imported macros.
Export macros and imported macros.
Export and import macros for the selection of mouse buttons.
Export and import selected text or text objects.
Use tabs for paragraph.
Tabbed editing.
Text and HTML code editor.
Supports multilingual.
Macros for Microsoft Windows applications:
Keyword “Sleep”.
Keyword “Insert”.
Keyword “Scrapbook”.
Macro export and import for Windows applications.
The functionality of the program can be expanded using the Object Library Editor.
The application runs on the following versions of Microsoft Windows:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
System requirements:
Minimum system requirements:
This application requires an Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor.
Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT4, NT, 95, 95/98/2000 OS.
Installation and uninstallation:
The main program file (exe) is 599 KB. Installation size is 4.9 MB.
Run the installer.
When the program is installed, you can uninstall it by double-clicking the uninstaller file.
List of the files installed