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Network Profile Name Changer is designed to assist you with the more so-called routine network profile modifications. Using it, you should be able to easily add or delete the network profile name. There are no extra required tools.
Add your Network Name
Network Profile Name Changer provides you with the possibility to add, remove or modify a network profile name. Simply add the desired name that you want to use and the tool will do all the rest for you. A verification box will be activated so you can check that the profile name you just chose is correct before saving it.
Remove the Default Network Profile Name
You can use Network Profile Name Changer to easily remove the network profile name that is the default one. All you have to do is open the main interface of the program, click on Remove button and you will be prompted with a confirmation box.
Manage Profile Name and Profile Path
Network Profile Name Changer is designed for the most basic needs, however, it does offer the possibility to manage the network profile path. This allows you to add or delete the network profile name, so the Network and Sharing Center will still work in the same way as if it did not change the profile name. If you happen to add a profile path, then you will be able to switch between network profiles using that path.
The software is available on the homepage and in the Windows Store.

While there are various ways to transfer files between mobile devices, such as using Dropbox or WeTransfer, this technique is often overlooked.
However, many devices can be equipped with a special feature called Copy & Paste that allows you to transfer files easily between two mobile devices without you having to do anything. But it’s always a good idea to keep this method in mind.
The process is very simple and consists of three steps:
Tap the app icon in your mobile phone or tablet to make a file copy.
Tap the name of the file you want to transfer.
Tap the button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
The file should be transferred and sent to the selected device.
The reason you should use Copy & Paste to transfer files from one mobile device to another is because it allows you to copy and paste files without having to copy and paste the exact path, which could be tedious.
So with a few simple steps, you can now send files between two devices.

The real cost of things that are saved on your mobile device

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Sanity4J is a simple Java desktop application that helps to automate running multiple static analysis tools on Java projects. Sanity4J simplifies running multiple static code analysis tools on Java projects on an automated or ad-hoc basis. It provides a single entry point to run all the selected tools and produces a consolidated report, which presents all findings in an easily accessible manner.
Sanity4J can also be used to resolve potential problems early on in the development cycle, and has demonstrated improving quality trends over project life-cycles.
Scanner (1)
Parser (1)
Static Code Analyzer (9)
Code Formatter (2)
Code Mapper (1)
Code Validator (1)
Code Inspection (3)
Abstract Verifier (1)
Generator (1)
Java Runtime Compliance (1)
JUnit Reporting (1)
JVMTI Compliance (1)
Re-Tool (1)
Visual Clarity (1)
View (6)
Architectural Analysis (1)
Clustering Analysis (1)
Data Flow Analysis (2)
Drawing Visulization (1)
Enterprise Libraries (1)
Identifier Resolution (1)
Internationalization Analysis (1)
JUnit Reporting (1)
JUnit Tests (2)
Mapping Analysis (2)
Metrics Mapping (1)
Object Oriented Analysis (1)
Overload Analysis (2)
Portability Analysis (1)
Product Document Analysis (2)
Safe JVM (1)
Security Analysis (5)
Service API (1)
Sqlite Analysis (2)
Threading Analysis (1)
Troubleshooting (1)
Traceability (3)
UI Testing (1)
Version Management (1)
Voice Recognition (1)

Fix Test Scripts (2)
Fix Test Scripts (2)

Test Cases (1)

As always, feedback is much appreciated as well as any/all bugs or feature requests
You can see some screenshots and an introductory video here:


Scanner (1)
Parser (1)
Static Code Analyzer (9)
Code Formatter (2)
Code Mapper (1)
Code Validator (1)
Abstract Verifier (1