El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines is the national airline

of Israel and is one of the world’s oldest airlines,

established in 1948.

It operates domestic and international flights to

destinations in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa,

and the Middle East.

El Al has a fleet of 46 aircraft, including

Boeing 737 s, 777 s, and 787 s, and has its hub at

Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

El Al is known for its strict security measures,

which are among the most stringent in the world.

In addition to its emphasis on security,

El Al is also known for its excellent service.

The airline offers a variety of seating options,

including first, business, and economy class,

and serves kosher meals on all flights.

El Al also has a frequent flyer program, Matmid,

which offers members benefits such as free flights

and upgrades. is the largest airline in Israel and

is headquartered at Ben Gurion International Airport

outside Tel Aviv.

The company was founded the same year as

the State of Israel, 1948.

Fleet Size : 45

Destinations : 44

Iata Code : LY

Icao Code : ELY

Prefix : 114

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El Al Israel Airlines