Darcy S BlackBerry Tools

Darcy S BlackBerry Tools


Darcy S BlackBerry Tools

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Use CrackBerry to find the apps you need to use on your BlackBerry in a couple of clicks and save time.Q:

Windows Store Apps for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8 and 10

I am developing a cross platform application that will run in both Windows and iOS.
I have two websites: one for each mobile app.
I plan to migrate my Windows Phone 8.0 and 10.0 apps to Windows Store Apps as they are the same in functionality as the iOS app, with a few small differences.
If I create a new Windows Store App with the same logic, will it be possible to reuse it on both Windows Phone and the Windows Tablet?
If not, will it be possible to reuse it, given that the Windows Store Apps are being created the same way?


So I can’t test this since I have a new Windows 10 but as I said I would assume so.
The only difference I could find was the namespace which the Windows Phone ones have.
My suggestion would be to create a new one and use it for both platforms and also create one for iOS and use that.


How do I make a method work in both the main class and different classes from within the class?

I am fairly new at Java and am trying to get into the Object Oriented programming mindset. I have used all the tutorials I can find but the issue is that in those they have explained how to set up one method as a helper method and then use that method in a separate class, whereas what I am wanting to do is have all the methods in a separate class.
For example, I have a very basic calculator class that is going to use a switch statement on the operators to then make a function call but I want to have all of these functions to be in a seperate class because I want to add new functions to this class rather than have it be a static method (as in an object oriented language).
Main Class
public class MainClass {
public static void main(String[] args) {
//Display all the options
System.out.println(“0: Addition
1: Subtraction
2: Multiplication
3: Division
4: Decimal
5: Clear”);
//Select an option
int option = inputChoice();
//Function call example