If you have seen it on different sites then it’s safe to assume that that’s how the site was build.
As far as I know no web page is actually like your linked site above. There could be more shady websites out there but I haven’t found any.
However I guess that it’s not really concerning as long as the file you download actually belongs to the site you downloaded it from.
You can find some counter measures here for coping with shady websites.

NoScript – You can disable everything (except Google Docs and Youtube if you want) with this extension.
Ghostery – Ghostery is a Firefox add-on that removes elements like social widgets and adds plugins to help block ads.
I would assume that Malwarebytes is another good option.


The site you’re reading is not up to par. The way it looks has very little to do with a file being able to be downloaded. At the bottom it says the following:
Ce dossier, bien que présenté par un téléchargeur de contenus
(license CC-BY-SA et Creative Commons) n’est pas disponible ici
ou l’inventaire de ce le fils n’est pas complet. Vous
pouvez lui trouver une copie sur un
site Internet spécialisé en copie privé
(alternative non-commercial).
“Even though this file presented by a content downloader’s (CC-BY-SA and Creative Commons) does not exist here or the owner’s file list is not complete. You can find the same copy on a specialized file-sharing site (commercial alternative non-commercial)
That means that this site would not be up to industry standards of the web.

Jack Metcalf

Jack Metcalf (born 3 June 1959) is a former professional snooker player from the United Kingdom.

He was runner-up in the 1985 World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) Championship and achieved a 147 break in qualifying at the 1986 British Masters. In 1985 he received the WPBSA Award for Player of the Year.

Metcalf lost in the 1986 European Championship finals (missing a 9-15 in the 18th frame) against Steve Jameson (who had

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