British Airways

British Airways, BA, is a British airline with its headquarters in London.

British Airways was created when the airlines BOAC and BEA merged on September 1, 1972 and is the UK’s main airline. The company is the country’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, international flights and international destinations. It is also one of Europe’s largest air carriers and transported the most passengers after Lufthansa, Ryanair and Air France-KLM. BA has more Atlantic flights than any other company and offers frequent flights between London and New York. The company’s flight hub is at London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.

The company, together with Air France, Braniff International and Singapore Airlines (shared planes with British Airways) were the only airlines to have the Concorde aircraft type in its fleet, which could cross the Atlantic at just a few hours. However, the last flight with Concorde was made in November 2003 when the aircraft was scrapped after becoming unprofitable.

British Airways co-created the third largest (after Star Alliance and SkyTeam) airline alliance Oneworld together with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Canadian Airlines (which is now part of Air Canada after being acquired in 2000).

Fleet Size : 223

Destinations : 169

Iata Code : BA

Icao Code : BAW

Prefix : 125