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KeyMACRO is an advanced macro recorder that allows you to create VBA macros for Outlook and Microsoft Office documents.
Why Use It?
The macros you create can be used in your Outlook to do different tasks on your mail. You can create a macro for different actions, even combined actions that you can perform very easily.
■ Only use macros that you create. It is not a software you can use to take over your PC.
KeyMACRO Features:
1. Create Custom Macro:
• Create a macro that you can do with a single button in Outlook.
• Work with your entire collection of mail as it is normally found in Outlook.
• Create a macro to open mail by mail content, subject, date, etc.
• Save your custom macros in a keymacro file and it will be available for future use.
• Be able to see the structure of your email before creating the macro.
• Run at different level of access.
• Easy-to-learn with user friendly design.
• Easy to save the macros.
KeyMACRO Requirements:
• Outlook 2000, XP, and Vista.
• Outlook 97, 2000, XP, and Vista.
• Microsoft Office.
• Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista.
• Supported languages are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch.
■ Time limit
KeyMACRO version 3.3.2
KeyMACRO version 2.0.0
What’s New in Version 3.3.2:
• Option to save keymacro file in another name.
• Renamed.
“Adobe Spark Viewer v3.0” can now be downloaded.
2. Fixed.
• Delete option now available when you have an attachment that needs to be deleted.
3. Fixed.
• Duplicate option now available.
■ Time limit
KeyMACRO version 3.3.1
KeyMACRO version 2.0.0
What’s New in Version 3.3.1:
• No more limit on the size of the keymacro file.
2. Fixed.
• Uploads keys to the server now works better. 384a16bd22

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Watches your mobile data usage and blocks websites to manage your data. Also, can block your GSM/3G data usage while connected to WiFi.
Requires Android 2.2+ / Google Play services.
Check your data usage
See your mobile data usage in graphs and lists.
Block websites for data usage
Block websites using the whitelist or blacklist option.
Block apps for data usage
Block apps by name or package name.
Option to display usage while connected to Wifi
Options to check and clear your app usage history.
Model Number:
Total amount of storage:
The inbuilt Wifi/Data toggle
Toggles your WiFi and 3G/4G (data) connections.
Wifi manager widget
Widget that can be placed on home screen.
File management widget
Widget that lets you access your files and folders.
Wifi & Data toggle
Switch on and off your WiFi and data connections.
Clear app usage history
Clear usage history.
Clear app usage history by name
Clear app usage history by name.
Clear usage history by app
Clear app usage history by app.
Find and access blocked websites
Find and access blocked websites.
Find and access blocked apps
Find and access blocked apps.
Data usage history
See your mobile data usage in graphs and lists.
Edit your data usage settings.
Find new apps
Find new apps.
Whitelist apps.
Blacklist apps.
App usage history
See your app usage history.
App usage history by name
See your app usage history by name.
App usage history by package name
See your app usage history by package name.
Restrict call/sms to data connection only
Only make calls and send sms over the data connection.
Custom your data usage settings.
Permissions are required to enable the Data Usage feature.
System info
Requires Android 2.2+ / Google Play services.
Monitor Usage
Monitor usage and let you check it using graphs.
Collect system and application usage statistics.
WiFi Settings
This app needs to access your mobile data connection and/or your mobile phone via Wifi.
Network Settings
Requires network access to connect to your WiFi network.
Wifi network connection