Air Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Air

Kyrgyzstan Air is the national airline of Kyrgyzstan,

The airline was founded in 1992 after the country

gained independence from the Soviet Union and

has since become an important transportation link

between Kyrgyzstan and other countries around the world.

The airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft,

including Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 ER, as well as

CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 regional jets. The airline offers

flights to over 20 destinations in countries such as Russia,

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Turkey, and the United

Arab Emirates. The airline’s hub is at Manas International

Airport, located near the capital city of Bishkek.

The airline is committed to providing a safe and

comfortable flying experience for its passengers, with

a focus on excellent customer service.

The Airline has implemented strict safety protocols

and procedures, including regular maintenance checks

on its aircraft, and training programs for its pilots and

flight crew.

Kyrgyzstan Air also offers a variety of in-flight services

and amenities, including complimentary meals and beverages,

entertainment systems, and comfortable seating options.

Passengers can choose from a range of ticket classes,

including economy, business, and first class.

The head office is in Bishkek.

Fleet Size :  2

Destinations  12

Iata Code :  OH

Icao Code :  LYN


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