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Here are 20 Photoshop tips and tricks for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and other creative professionals. Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who just loves art and photography, these Photoshop tips and tricks can help you become better at editing and creating your own graphics. Shoot in RAW Shooting in RAW (raw) allows you to capture and store the maximum amount of information from the original image. It’s a perfect way to preserve your camera’s color and tonal information. However, RAW images are not just about the quality of the camera; they also contain more information than you can edit in a computer program. If you’re a professional photographer looking for the best camera for your money, you must consider the information you’re losing when you don’t shoot in RAW. Here are the best RAW formats for your DSLR camera. Nikon:.NEF (raw) Canon:.CR2 (raw) Sony:.ARW (raw) Olympus:.ORF (raw) Learn more about.NEF files Improve your Raw Converter Settings It’s easy to edit your RAW image, but you can’t change or decide on your own settings. To make sure the process of converting RAW to JPEG is the best it can be, follow these steps. Go to menu bar > Edit > Convert to manage your RAW files. To create a new file, use the “+” button. To open an existing file, use the “Import” button. Import settings By default, the “Auto” setting uses the settings you’ve used in the past for this file type, so you don’t have to change them manually. You can change your settings with these five options: Monochrome — Threshold for black and white Dodging — An increase in pixel coverage Vignette — An increase in black Saturation — An increase in color saturation Sharpen — A sharpening action The graphics and color tweaks you apply to an image will be saved as a new file, but you can edit and update the existing settings for a variety of RAW file types. Using Adobe Camera Raw Adobe Camera Raw is the default RAW conversion program 388ed7b0c7

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